We have over 25 years of experience in the music business. This type of expertise gives us the edge necessary to deliver what it takes to carry your production from conception to completion, no matter how large or small. We can handle the majority of contracts and paperwork for you so you’re able to focus on the creative end of your project. We’ll keep you updated on costs and bookings. We can set up billing as we go or submit one detailed invoice at completion. Because of our long associations with the various studios, engineers, cartage companies, etc., we can assist in booking and paying any or all related invoices.



“From Soup to Nuts”! We’ll help you with your budgeting by taking the information you give us and turning it into a realistic goal. We’ll go over your line items and make sure every possible angle is covered. Our objective is to provide you with a budget that has no surprises when the final bill comes in.




We work with the AFM, AFTRA and SAG unions as a signatory paymaster on all agreements and as a signatory production company on select agreements. We offer competitive handling rates and a quick turn around, since we are “in house”. Our service includes paying all talent, union benefits, employer taxes, worker’s compensation insurance and, of course, filing all necessary returns and year end documents.



contracting-squareMusician and Vocal Contracting:
Dan Savant is not only a music contractor, he is also a seasoned musician. Different styles of music often require a different selection process, and Dan has the skills needed to help with those decisions.

Our vocal connections include some of the most sought-after voices in the USA . We can put any type of session together, from classical/opera solos and groups to “pop”/contemporary background and solo singers.

We have excellent relationships with the AFM, AFTRA and SAG offices, and have a firm understanding of all current performer agreements. This is vital when time is of the essence and you’re dealing with questions regarding specific contract agreements and uses. We research the questions and deliver the answers to you so you’re not wasting your time with endless phone calls and discussions.



Composer/Arranger Referral:

Composer and/or Arranger choice is often largely the part of the artistic director, whether the project be themepark, album or film score. We have a proven track record guiding the directors to composers and/or arrangers that match their style and vision.



Music Preparation Referral: 

We work with all the main music preparation offices. We understand that efficiency in product, turn around and cost is of utmost importance. Even when low budget projects arise, we know that certain offices will work with us to bring the copying in at scale rates with premium results.




Studio and Engineer Booking: 
A very important part of any production is utilizing the right room and engineer for the job. We have worked in all the major scoring stages and rooms and with a multitude of talented, award-winning engineers. If you have a studio and engineer in mind, great! If you don’t we’re happy to make suggestions. Either way, we can make the calls and secure the bookings for you.





Equipment Rentals:
From common to specialized, if you need a particular item, we can probably find it. If you need a particular price, we’ll get you the best rate available while keeping the quality of the item in mind.